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Business Shiurim

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  1. Lou Landau on Kol Mevasser
    53 Lessons
    1. E1: Introduction
    2. E2: The 80-20 Rule
    3. E3: Systemization of your Business
    4. E4: How much is your hour worth?
    5. E5: Things take longer than expected
    6. E6: Add Value not Drop Prices
    7. E7: Giving Compliments
    8. E8: SMI and Clean Focus
    9. E9: Introducing Business Basics A-Z 3-Part Tele-seminar
    10. E10: Procrastination
    11. E11: Permission From Who?
    12. E14: Where are you going?
    13. E15: Are you Normal?
    14. E16: Lessons from the Invention Show
    15. E20: High Pressured Sales People & Invention Scam Story
    16. E21: High Pressured Sales Update – So what do I do next?
    17. E23: Accomplish the next 6 Months, MORE than the last 6 YEARS!!!
    18. E25: New Ideas are WORTHLESS – Until ….
    19. E26: What to do at Shows to maximize your ROI
    20. E27: Why do we always need Bigger Compliments
    21. E29: How to Increase Sales This Time of Year and ALL Year Round
    22. E30: Down Days Pulling You DOWN? (ouch…) What to do…
    23. E31: Recap of Great OSS Sunday in Monsey
    24. E32: How Important is Innovation to Your Success?
    25. E33: Important Business (Purim) Lessons from the Wise Men of Chelm
    26. E35: Great Job! – Why am I craving for Feedback?
    27. E36: One of our biggest challanges in Life – How to make decisions easier
    28. E37: 3 Lessons (so far) this Pesach 2011
    29. E38: Simple Exercise Guarantees you will become a Happier Person
    30. E39: Bin Laden DEAD! SO WHAT?
    31. E40: Rock The Boat
    32. E41: You Do Your BEST – Let Hashem Do The REST!
    33. E42: A Few Short yet Strong Ideas
    34. E43: Open Books – Open Door Policy
    35. E44: WAKE UP – what have you done today?
    36. E45: Why the rich person’s son lost so much of his father’s money
    37. E46: Marketing Secret Seminar In English – and other important updates
    38. E47: A Sweet & Happy New Year – Few Words
    39. E48: Spanish anyone? and a New Shulem Bayes Course
    40. E49: Invest in Yourself – Learn from the Best
    41. E50: WHY SUFFER IN SILENCE? – Live Fr*ee Tele-Conference
    42. E51: Leave the Emotions Aside – Also 2nd Live. Fr*ee Q&A Call
    43. E52: Mind Upgrade Interview with Sruly
    44. E53: “Ads That $ell” Seminar – Interview 2 – answering FAQ
    45. E54: Lesson from Chanikah – Also Special Discount THIS week
    46. E55: PCI Compliance and Security Troubles
    47. E56: “Customer Service That $ells” Seminar – QA
    48. E57: The Other Side of Customer Service
    49. E58: What is the Rule #1 for a Normal Life?
    50. E61: New Zeman: STOP That Thief
    51. E62: Don’t Flush Down Your Money
    52. E63: 5 Solid Summer Months Ahead
    53. E64: Save $20,000 – Don’t Fall Victim to High Priced Products
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Lou Landau on Kol Mevasser