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Gedanken by Lou Landau

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  1. Gedanken
    128 Lessons
    1. G1: Snow
    2. G2: Positive
    3. G3: Stages
    4. G4: Fly on the Wall
    5. G5: 4 Levels of Growth
    6. G6: Always Learn More
    7. G7: Palace
    8. G8: Highest Value
    9. G9: How to Pray
    10. G10: Some Spend Spend
    11. G11: Grow Grow
    12. G12: Follow up
    13. G13: Learning Visualization
    14. G14: Special Autism Kid
    15. G15: Car Honking
    16. G16: All Actors
    17. G17: Visualize Crossing of the Sea
    18. G18: Summer 2011 Pesichas Hazman
    19. G19: Hashem, Please Don’t Let the Organization Suffer
    20. G20: Oy the Pressure
    21. G21: I Ain’t Going in There
    22. G22: Yesod
    23. G23: Nuclear Rod
    24. G25: Recall to MNFG
    25. G26: YOU Are THE Solution
    26. G27: Give yourself some credit
    27. G28: A Pushete Ehrliche Yid
    28. G29: Crapabilities
    29. G30: Learning from the Little Duck
    30. G31: A Spy for Hashem
    31. G32: 12 Chalos
    32. G33: What Is Self-Esteem
    33. G34: Emotional Physical Logical
    34. G35: Talented People Depressed About Not Using Their Talent
    35. G36: Talent is NOT Everything
    36. G37: Past Does NOT Equals the Future
    37. G38: Values Not Aligned
    38. G39: Oil Prices
    39. G40: It’s Always Just Level 1
    40. G41: Tell Them you Love Them
    41. G43: F.O.G. = Fear Obligation Guilt
    42. G44: Reb Chanoch Rosenberg Interview
    43. G45: Bulok and Bilom
    44. G46: About Anxiety
    45. G47: Be Crazy
    46. G48: Learning Methods
    47. G49: College Conspiracy
    48. G50: Politics or Fights?
    49. G51: About Memory
    50. G52: Little Statements
    51. G54: Mind Story Power
    52. G56: Paint it Nicely
    53. G58: Patience – Be Present
    54. G59: Chol Hamoied Sukahs 5772
    55. G61: Too Many Choices
    56. G62: Small Positive Steps First
    57. G63: Fund Raiser Wanted Interview with Rabbi Semp
    58. G65: Message for People Collecting Money
    59. G66: Why all these Distractions
    60. G67: About Giving Charity
    61. G68: “We Have Nothing in Common”…
    62. G70: “Ads That $ell” Seminar – Interview Lou with Joe Gross
    63. G71: For some we say “PLEASE keep running after Money…”
    64. G73: Some Debates are never settled
    65. G74: Lessons from Joseph in Egypt
    66. G75: Bugaboo – RCCS Auctions – Matisyahu
    67. G76: Life is Good – Now STOP being Depressed
    68. G77: Is everything a Miracle?
    69. G78: He’s an Idiot!
    70. G79: GRAB what you can!!!
    71. G80: “Customer Service That $ells” Seminar – Interview Lou with Joe Gross
    72. G81: He Doesn’t Want to Smell
    73. G82: The Dramatic Hacking Story
    74. G83: AJOP Convention Interview with Rabbi Eliyahu Bergstein
    75. G84: The War is Exploding Any Second
    76. G85: 2 Types of Great Learners
    77. G87: AJOP Convention Recap
    78. G88: Gratitude – Inspired by
    79. G89: Let’s Do More Short Speeches
    80. G90: Who’s The ONLY Child?
    81. G91: 3 Ideas for Free – Chimish, Mishna Berirah, Yeshiva
    82. G94: Oh WOW…. He Can Read!
    83. G96: It’s True: The Bank Wants to Lend YOU Money
    84. G98: $20 Million Dollars Purim?
    85. G100: The Big 100: Is The Internet The Problem?
    86. G102: Can You Keep a Secret?
    87. G104: B-Positive + Live Tele-Conference Call
    88. G106: Recording – The Happy Fool
    89. G107: Recording – Shulem Bayes
    90. G108: Let’s Make Competition – Free Idea
    91. G109: Chesky Interviews Luzer about The New YOU 3
    92. G110: Deadlines and Inevitability Planning
    93. G111: It’s Just The Money
    94. G113: Listen Before You Go Again To WalMart
    95. G114: Happy New Year 5773
    96. G115: Have You Left Mitzrayim Yet?
    97. G116: Save with ezPass
    98. G117: Zos Chanukah 2013
    99. G118: Mazel Tov! & Why Do You Have so Much Fear?
    100. G119: The Right Question is Half the Answer
    101. G120: Parnassah Expo Interview
    102. G121: Martin Luther King, Jr.
    103. G122: Are We All Drug Addicts?
    104. G123: Interesting and Informative Interview with the SharkTank’s SoundBender Reb Moshe Weiss
    105. G124: LTB 2013 Recap
    106. G125: Funding and Incubators
    107. G126: You “The Programmer”?
    108. G127: Interview with R’ Moshe BT
    109. G128: In 10 Years, I Have…
    110. G129: The Future is Bright
    111. G130: Here’s To The Crazy Ones
    112. G131: Lessons From The 2 Richest Men Alive
    113. G132: Bogus Business Opportunities
    114. G133: Steps to Success
    115. G134: Green Hat Marketing
    116. G135: Rabbi Issamar Shares Powerful Concepts
    117. G136: Joe Gross Shares How To Convert More Sales
    118. G137: 4 Smart People Talk About LTB2013 and LTB2014
    119. G138: STOP With The תירוצים
    120. G139: 5 Solid Summer Months Ahead
    121. G140: Winners Manufacture Optimism
    122. G141: TGT Interview – Foundations For The Future
    123. G142: A Better Mindset For Making BIG Bucks!!
    124. G143: Is Making Exercise Kosher?
    125. G144: A Powerful Emotional Healing Story
    126. G145: The Most Important Thing For Your Growth
    127. G146: Not Aggressive, Not Passive, But Assertive
    128. G147: A Tiny Change In Your Mindset, A Huge Change In Your Happiness
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