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Thank you for ordering one of our SnapAhead products.I wish you the utmost success in your life and work, good luck.

Most of the item below are delievered online, through mp3 files, or online membership access. Once we receive your order we will email you within a few business days with your login details.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


Busines Crash Course Seminar – $247The CD/MP3 of the full first seminar –
Over 9 hours of Solid Content.See the full Table of Content – everything that’s covered in this course,


Online Success Seminar – $499v2 is now LIVE as described in
OSS1 v2 is an online video Seminar, you will be able to learn the OSS1v2 at your own pace and convenience, you can pause the video if it’s too fast or skip if too slow. YOU are in charge.

When you sign up you will get private access to a secure member-only website with all videos, resources, and other heklpful links to help you in your new career.




Goals Seminar – $50The CD/MP3 of the full Goals seminar – 2.75 hours

See the full Table of Content – everything that’s covered in this course, .



Mind Upgrade – $497Mind Upgrade with Lou Landau and Chesky NiemanNow on CD in MP3 over 10 hours (In Yiddish) of Mind Blowing concepts that

WILL iy”H change your life forever (in a Good Way 😉 ) NOW for only $497

Get Yours TODAY!



5 Hour Bonus Package – $997Gedank 103: 5 Hour Bonus PackageWhat would it mean to you if you can get clarity and clear direction in your

Listen to this Gedank quickly.

You can listen to it on the SnapAhead PhoneLine at 718-831-7627 x3-103# or on
the mp3 here.



Marketing Secrets Seminar with Rabbi Issamar – $247Live Event price was $349 – Now on CD for only $247On CD in MP3 over 8 hours of Marketing Secrets. (In Yiddish)

Every single business owner who was there was THRILLED and is

b”H making a lot of progress with it.

Get Yours TODAY!

See the full Table of Content – everything that’s covered in this course,



“Ads That $ELL” Seminar – $247″Ads That $ELL” Seminar – with Lou
Landau and Joe GrossThe Seminar was a smashing success. EVERYONE was extremely happy.

You can get the Audio CD (around 3 hours) and 250+ workbook now for just $247.
(Delivery date in aprox 10 days).


“Customer Service That $ELL” Seminar – $247″Customer Service That $ELL” Seminar – with Lou
Landau and Joe Gross.

After the smashing success of our “Ads That $ell” seminar. We are making our
next seminar in this series.









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