G140: Winners Manufacture Optimism


G140: Winners Manufacture Optimism

There are lot’s of anxiety, worry, indecision, conflicts and paralysis-analysis BEFORE you find out
– Who you are
– What you True Calling in life is
– What your Dreams and Visions are

After you find out, all conflicts disappear, and you get the Chutzpah you need to move forward and accomplish big things.

Listen to a great inspiring lecture about this.

Also, I now offer.  ——-> Strategic Vision/Clarity Coaching.

Do you have too many ideas and opportunities, which create conflicts and you struggle with life direction and decision making?

Through grilling and digging, and advanced BS detection I help people just like you find their Vision, their Dream, their True Calling, which then gives them solid Clarity.

Statistically after just a few sessions my clients gain the chutzpah to go after their Vision and accomplish big things.

Special now 2 hour meeting for just $250. Satisfaction guaranteed. Contact our office for a meeting 347-560-3090 or email snapahead@gmail.com


You can listen to this lesson on the SnapAhead phoneline at 718-831-7627 x3-140#.

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