G138: STOP With The תירוצים


Gedank 138: STOP With The תירוצים

I’m proud and happy to introduce you to Reb Naftuli (Mark) Horowitz. We are personal friends for a few years now and he’s a true inspiration. Mark has recently given a few lectures in Bobov, Belz and other moisdes about finance, sales and other money matters, all with great reception, the audiences loved it.

Mark does not want to speak, and he certainly does not accept payment for his peaking, so this is a rare opportunity… because Mark is raising $70k for a mother of 5 who has Cancer r”l, and needs another (hopefully her final) operation… Listen to this little clip which explains it all.

To my Dear Readers: I personally love Mark’s style, clear head and to-the-point, halachic approved mind-set towards making big money. I have personally been inspired by him a LOT over the years, so I highly highly recommend you join us on this rare event.

Basically: Mark will hold a Sales Training Seminar followed by Q&A.
This Tuesday Night 8/12/14 @ 8:00 pm, for 3 hours.
At the Rose Garden Hall in Williamsburg.

To reserve your seat call now 347-292-7535.
Tickets are $200 – with groups of 3+ $150.
Can pay from Masser money.

You can listen to this lesson on the SnapAhead phoneline at 718-831-7627 x3-138#.

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