G137: 4 Smart People Talk About LTB2013 and LTB2014


Gedank 137: 4 Smart People Talk About LTB2013 and LTB2014

WE have 3 interviews today about the LTB. Some recap of last years LTB2013 and then some nice points what we can expect at LTB2014. Looking forward to seeing you there.

First we have R’ Chesky Kauftiel, entrepreneur, business owner, philanthropist brings out some major great points about the LTB, and why its a chov for every business person to atend and learn at the LTB2014.

Then we have R’ Avrum Shmiel Eckstien and R’ Shrage Posen from the BFGBrooklyn Financial Group– explain their point of view, why they find it beneficial to sponsorthe Launch Pad.

Then we have R’ Menachem Lubinsky from Lubicom Marketing being in the hiemishe business community for 25 years, he shares his point of view about the LTB2014.

All in all, it’s 56 minutes of great marketing messages… :)

You can listen to this lesson on the SnapAhead phoneline at 718-831-7627 x3-137#.

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