G123: Interesting and Informative Interview with the SharkTank’s SoundBender Reb Moshe Weiss


Gedank 123: Interesting and Informative Interview with the SharkTanks’s SoundBender Reb Moshe Weiss
he’s coming to the LTB2013 – are you?

You can listen to it on the SnapAhead phoneline at 718-831-7627 x2-7#.

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To Download the file, right click and “Save As…”

Reb Moshe full episode on the SharkTank – Jump to 12:10 for Reb Moshe’s part.

For the NDA agreement At LegalZoom

Get your Soundbender at The SoundeBender website

Tickets to the LTB are almost all sold out. Once they are gone they are gone. When you wake up and finally decide to join and it’s all sold out, do NOT email me if I still have a ticket for you, I won’t have one.

So grab your ticket now 718-513-2222. or visit www.SnapAhead.com/ltb .

Looking forward to greeting you there,

P.S. LTB 2013 is happening at the Dyker Beach Golf Course on June 11th for a limited crowd of only 500 businesspeople, more than half the seats are already sold. Better make sure you’re one of them by registering here!


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