New Zeman: STOP That Thief


With a New Zeman ahead of us, you may be planning some changes in your life to increase your positive results… Well, Are You?
And if you are, you may be wondering, how successful these changes will be, this time.
Listen to this Lebedige Gedanken shier where we delve into some tools to get some leverage on yourself. To help you Get More.
(This shier was given Live broadcast – Chol Hamoied Tuesday night 4/10).

The Next Lebedige Gedanken Live will be Thursday night April 19 – 9:00pm sharp:
Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0075
Participant access code: 266062#

For more Lebedige Gedanken Live, be hooked in to our system for notifications, email or text. See right hand nav-bar for the forms to enter your email or mobile number.

To listen to this great shier, you can call the KM hotline at 212-444-1100, 3, 4, 3 x58#. Or on the SnapAhead phoneline 718-831-7627 x4-4-61#.

Or you can listen to it right here below. You may also download the mp3 file to listen on your favorite mp3 player.

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