How Can I Help You More?


Dearest Friend,

This is about making more money as Business Owners, Sales People, Online Businesses, Employees, etc.
(Yes we inspire b”H in many other topics too, here I’m asking you about making money education.)

As you know over the past 2.5 years I’ve been constantly bringing you high quality and powerful education, B”H very successfully and very effectively.

And, Bottom Line I want to continue to help you more.

Now, as you can imagine I have many many ideas of how and what you want, and what to bring you next.

But then I thought, why don’t I ask you…

It makes sense that you know a lot better what you want!

Imagine you can ask me anything…
Imagine you get to spend some serious time with me and learn from me about anything you want…
Imagine you get to ask me any question… on any topic or issue or problem…

What… Would… You… Ask…?

Please be as specific as you can, saying “I want to make more money”, doesn’t mean anything… I’ll tell you “go get a job”…

So be specific, what do you do now? what business are you in? what have you tried? where are you stuck? where do you need help? etc etc

Send me an email at with your question, or leave a voice mail at 347-240-9089.

I’m the only one who will read these emails or Voice Mail, so feel free to be specific and personal. It’s completely confidential.

I will not respond to your email, but it will help me direct my next efforts on what and how to serve you better.

To your success
-Luzer Landau


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