Happy New Year 5773


My Dear Friend,

A New Year is upon us.

May Hashem help you should finally hit it big this coming year… Big? I mean really BIG!!

I wish you a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Warm new year.

A year that you will look back and say “5773 was THE Year” – where it all changed for the better,
and from here it went higher and higher, brighter and brighter, better and better, Healthier and
Wealthier beyond your wildest imagination.

It starts with a bit Hope: You can do it, you deserve it, and Hashem will help you!
(why wouldn’t He… right?)

Then some courage to Dream: to Imagine, Imagine the possibilities….. Imagine how
good it’s going to be.

Now is not the time to ask How? leave that for another time…. Some call it the “Cursed How…”
where so many get stuck, and lose their hope – Don’t worry about the How, just focus on the
Dream… Good times are here! Your time is here! Reach out this Yom Tov and claim your
share of it!

Don’t forget to Smile, be Happy and enjoy yourself this Yom Tov.

And say “Happy Birthday” to our little Planet Earth… (I think she’ll like it…)

Tell God what a wonderful job he has done! Focus on the parts that inspire you.
Focus, get Inspired, Get in Awe, (not Awe-some, but Awe-full – full of Awe..) – Many things
are working pretty darn good, why focus on the “missing tile”?

The Missing Tile: Is when you walk into any place, a big place, imagine there are hundreds
of tiles on the floor, and just one tile is missing… and where do you keep looking at?
“The Missing Tile – Syndrome”.

For just the next few days just till after Yom Kipur,
One can focus on all the full tiles! On all the Good things you have!

Hoping for the Best, Wishing you even Better,

Yours Truly
-Luzer Landau

If you want to hear a new Spiritual shmies for YomTov – this is NOT business – strictly spiritual, 31 minutes,

You can listen to it on the SnapAhead PhoneLine at 718-831-7627 x3-114.
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