G109: Chesky Interviews Luzer about The New YOU 3


Gedank 109: Chesky Interviews Luzer about The New YOU 3

Get a whole new understaing of why you are stuck and are not living up to your full potential. 31 Minutes

“The New YOU” Magical Transformational Full Day Event by Lou Landau – I’m the only presenter, you don’t need anyone else.

This will SELL OUT fast – Register FAST

In Boro Park NY – This is for 20 people ONLY.
For Married Men Only. Women who want to benefit from the power, send your husband…

Sunday June 3, 2012 – 9:45am-4pm (best if you schedule yourself to be free till 6pm, you may want to stick around more).

Location and more details will be sent in email after you register.

You can listen to it on the SnapAhead PhoneLine at 718-831-7627 x3-109 or on the mp3 here.

Or you can listen to it right here below. You may also download the mp3 file to listen on your favorite mp3 player.

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June 21st, 2012 at 10:23 am    

Luzer you are getting Better and better

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