Don’t Hide Behind E-mail Or Text

E-mail is a useful tool in business, but it can also come with disadvantages. Merely using electronic communication, such as text messages and e-mails, is not enough.

In today’s world of electronic communication you should use the phone. Here’s why:

First of all, if you are asking for a reply — such as asking a customer for an order — you are better off communicating on the phone in ADDITION to using e-mail. Why? Because what if he doesn’t reply? You will never be sure if he got the message or not if you are only using e-mail.

The KEY is to use a combination of both the phone and e-mail. Call your customer or vendor on the phone to check in with him, but follow up that call with an e-mail. It’s always a good idea to include in that e-mail the information that you’ve discussed. If he does not pick up, leave a voice mail. And follow up that voice mail with an e-mail saying that you have left that message. It never hurts to cover all your bases, and you can be sure that your message will be remembered.

Second of all, not calling your customers on the phone can give the impression that you are hiding behind an e-mail. Customers sense this, and you leave them with an impression that you are weak.

Do not be afraid to pick up the phone. Let your customers know that you are not hiding behind e-mail.

Because everyone else is using e-mail, you should use the phone. Do so, and you will profit.

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